Can We Please Call Them MX Apps?

We still don’t know what to call Windows 8 apps that are designed in the Metro style as opposed to classic desktop style apps.  A while back, our reader, Sergio suggested we call “Metro” Windows 8 apps “MX” apps since Microsoft has decided to not use the term “Metro” to describe their new design language anymore.  The reasoning behind this suggestion is because of OneNote MX, which is Microsoft’s “Modern” “Metro” “Windows 8” style version of OneNote.  There’s still a desktop version of OneNote called OneNote 2013, which will run in the Windows 8 desktop mode despite having some elements of the Metro design language.  The “MX” acronym could stand for “Metro Experience” or “Modern Experience”, so it really works either way.  It’s kind of confusing not to have a decent identifier to differentiate between classic desktop applications and this new style of apps designed for the future of Windows operating systems.

Since Microsoft doesn’t want people calling them Metro apps, and they don’t really have a better name for them, why don’t we just call them MX apps?

Source: Sergio

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