We all talk to our smartphones, but we’re usually talking to someone else using our smartphones — not to the phones themselves.

Android has let you input text and even send emails and texts, and dial phone calls using your voice for quite some time. Answering questions posed using natural language has been something no one has done particularly well — not until Apple’s Siri came out. Since then, everyone’s been playing catch-up.

Such is the case with Cluzee for Android, a new app that attempts to bring Siri-like functionality to Android. Similar to Siri, Cluzee let’s you ask your phone questions like “what’s the weather going to be like?” and statements like “I need a locksmith”. It converts your voice to text, then gives you intelligent results based on the type of question.

Just how good is it? Check out the video, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Download Cluzee from the Android Market

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