The iPhone X might’ve performed pretty darn well in Apple’s terms, but it’s rumored that the phone will end its production run soon. With initial expectations for the $1,000+ device far above what has actually been sold, that will leave a whole bunch of parts stored in bins.

Sources to Digitimes claim that at the end of June, there were enough parts to make three times the number of iPhone X units that had been sold thus far. It’s hoped that the finished chassis can be repurposed for use in the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone model to be released this year, but some parts might not be able to recycled in that way. Apple likes to make subtle changes to its designs year over year that may require entire units to be replaced.

One question we might want to explore for the future, even though it’s been pushed out of the way this year, is whether an iPhone SE sequel is still in the cards or whether those parts might be used for another special edition model like how the iPhone X was.

Some suppliers blame Apple, which has traditionally asked its parts makers to keep plentiful stock, though that stock would always eventually be used up. Others attribute the pile-up to a slowing smartphone market.

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