Pixel 4a
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The Google Pixel 4a is supposed to arrive in the next weeks, so we should start seeing more leaks and information about it. We now have seen some camera samples that were allegedly taken by this device, and they were posted online by tech YouTuber Julio Lusson.

The new Google Pixel 4a is supposed to arrive on May 22, or at least that’s what rumors say. We have already seen several design leaks of the device, but now we get leaks that show us how its camera works. The Pixel 4a comes with a 12MP camera, and it was placed against the Redmi Note 7’s 48MP camera.

The camera in the Pixel 4a is clearly the superior camera, even though the sensor in the Redmi device is four times larger. It delivers better colors and less noise. Its outside colors also offer an overall warmer tone and better focus. Now, will this camera be good enough to go against the new iPhone SE’s camera?

Source Android Central

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