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Sprint is making up more ground in network technologies, but this one will be an especially welcome feature for those who constantly need to check on a webpage or lunch spot while on a call with a colleague.

The carrier’s calling it Calling PLUS, but it simply allows users of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy J7 Perx and LG Stylo 3 the ability use data while on the cellular or a Wi-Fi network.

Those devices are currently receiving a network firmware update, but the feature itself has to be activated. Users must go to the settings page and tap on the “Calling PLUS” item, then hit the toggle to activate it. There’s also entry fields for the address must also be set to “USA” if it isn’t, as that data gets sent to E911 services.

If both Wi-Fi and LTE calling features allowed, any calls made will pass between the two networks as required. Wi-Fi calls will pass onto LTE, even if LTE Calling is not toggled on, though if Wi-Fi Calling is not turned on, calls made over LTE will stay on LTE. In any case, data can be used as normal while on any sort of call except those made on CDMA — they cannot be transferred to either Wi-Fi or LTE.

More devices should get this feature in time, but it does help to have the most popular Galaxy of the season as a starter.

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