As media that cover mobile tech, we have a ton of review devices, especially of the Android ilk. And when we feel like shouting something to our daily driver across the room, it seems that every stinkin’ phone we own wants to address us in some way. “Ok Google” leads to about 30 pings and 30 answers for results on “Cortana for Android”.

Hey, Cortana can’t even recognize that we’re not saying her name sometimes.

Well, 9to5Mac has picked up something interesting with the iOS 10 beta and that’s Siri’s new uncanny ability to stick to one iDevice while answering your question and not echo off the walls like crazy.

It’s not certain whether the trick is strictly hardware-based or software-based or if it’s a mix of both. Siri does have a tendency to appear first on the iPad Pro as opposed to the iPhone 6s because, the site speculates, of the tablet’s faster A9X processor.

Really, all it ends up being is just one more way Apple can create a bit more harmony between its devices in a single ecosystem. Gotta wonder how this will test with Siri on the Mac, though.

Source: 9to5Mac
Via: Redmond Pie

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