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Buying a robotic vacuum finally makes sense

By Jonathan Samson December 18, 2019, 9:45 am

We’re excited to tell you about the Roborock E3, S5, and S5 Max, all currently on sale on Amazon for a limited time.

Robotic vacuum cleaners used to be just novelties, futuristic and fun but ultimately inadequate. They were overpriced (into the thousands of dollars), generally “dumb” (with poor navigation), but worst of all, not very good at actually cleaning. Suction was insufficient, and you’d still have to use your manual vacuum to clean what was left behind.

No more! Thanks to the latest in robotic vacuum technology, plus sale prices being offered by Roborock for a limited time on Amazon, now is the time to finally get a robotic vacuum. Most of Roborock’s models are hybrids that can both vacuum and mop, so you’re going to save a lot of time cleaning. And with laser sensing available on some models, you’ll be confident of the vacuum’s ability to clean every inch of your floor whether carpet, tile, or hardwood.


My experience using a Roborock laser-guided vacuum for six months

I’ve had a Roborock vacuum in my office for six months. My model was actually much more expensive than current offers (I paid full price when there was no sale) and had fewer features than the newest models.

Using the MiHome app, I have full control over what the vacuum cleans and where it goes during its daily pre-set routine, which I have set to automatically begin when everyone has left the office for the day. The laser mapping (present in the new S5 and S5 Max) perfectly outlines every room in our office so I can easily restrict areas that have wires, other obstacles, or just don’t require daily cleaning. Or, using the app, I can precision-highlight a lunch mishap for spot cleaning and let my Roborock take over. Additionally, with 2,000Pa of suction power (present in all models mentioned in this article), the Roborock performs incredibly well. In addition to the app, I can control the vacuum with Alexa or the buttons on the unit itself. I really can’t imagine going back to the old way; our floors are cleaner, and we honestly love seeing our little Roborock sitting in his charging pad every morning. Our current plan is to upgrade to a unit that mops, which will also take care of our in-office kitchen and bathroom.

As mentioned, I’ve been using my Roborock for six months, and the only maintenance I’ve ever had to do is empty the dust bin, which takes seconds. I’m always surprised by how much dust, dirt, and debris it’s picked up in such a short amount of time. Because it’s so small, it’s able to fit underneath furniture that otherwise would go uncleaned. If only it could jump up and scrub the toilets. Maybe next year’s models.

Introducing the E3, S5 and S5 Max, now at discounted prices until 12/20

Roborock has a selection of vacuum solutions, ranging from affordable entry-level to more premium models. You’ll be able to choose the right vacuum based on your environment and budget.

Roborock E3 $349.99 $269.99

Roborock E3

The entry-level model is the Roborock E3. This vacuum features a high-precision dual-gyroscope inertial navigation system which guides the E3. This system ensures that the vacuum cleans in straight lines and avoid areas that have already been cleaned. The motion tracking sensors will ensure that no areas are missed, and that your robot doesn’t get stuck cleaning the same area over and over. You will also find that the Roborock is very smart, detecting obstacles and adjusting its speed to avoid dents and dings or damaging the unit itself. Your furniture legs, pets, and shoes will appreciate the softer impact of the E3.

The E3 takes advantage of 13 different types of sensors to help the vacuum avoid falls, give it surface awareness, calculate escape routes, and more.

While the technology to navigate your environment is impressive, Roborock didn’t forget to include powerful cleaning tools: 2,000pa suction power and a side brush that spins at 330 RPM, helping collect dirt in hard-to-reach areas like corners and around furniture legs.

You’ll find most robot vacuums get stuck on small thresholds. The E3 is designed to be able to climb up to 2cm to avoid this common problem.

The E3 includes a mopping system for hard surface floors. The vacuum has an on-board water tank which will distribute water along the mopping surface in an even amount.

Roborock E3

Get Roborock E3 on Amazon [Sale Dates: 12/18-12/25]

Roborock S5 $499.99 $399.99

RoboRock S5

Equipped with Roborock’s AI-powered pathfinding algorithm, the premium Roborock S5 is one of the best area-mapping robot vacuums on the market. The advanced laser navigation system generates a real-time map of your home before the cleaning begins. You can use the Xiaomi Mi Home app to map off restricted areas during the clean. This is as easy as drawing lines around the areas to avoid on the map it creates of your home layout. 

The Roborock S5 can clean your home no matter how big it is and no matter what kinds of floor surfaces you have. The vacuum will adjust for different surfaces, whether it needs to switch to the mopping feature, or adjust the vacuum for the height of your carpet.

The fully-fitted silencer pads makes the S5 extremely quiet. Don’t worry about being woken up from your sleep during night-time cleanings. The vacuum is so quiet, you’ll often forget it is there.

When it comes time to mop, the water tank and brushes are easy to snap into place without creating any mess or spills. The weighted water tank adds pressure to the S5 while it mops, giving your floors a better cleaning.

The large 5200mAh battery will run for about an hour before the vacuum returns to the dock to self-charge.

Roborock S5

Get Roborock S5 on Amazon [Sale Dates 12/15-12/20]

Roborock S5 Max $599 $539.99

Roborock S5 Max

If you need something a bit more powerful, the Roborock S5 Max contains a larger battery and a bigger water tank for mopping. As with the other robotic vacuums from Roborock, you can control the S5 Max with your voice, using your smart home setup. The S5 Max is so powerful that it can suck up AA batteries, even when the bin is full.

The mopping feature is a really big deal because everyone hates mopping. It’s messy, boring, and sometimes disgusting if you have an active family like I do that is always making messes. With the S5 Max, you never have to mop again. With an extra-large water tank that can provide mopping for days, you can set a mopping schedule and come home to pristine floors everyday, whether you’re mopping hardwood, tile, or any other hard surface. You can even choose from three different levels of water flow so that your tile floor gets a deeper-clean with more water, while your hardwood floors are treated more gently with less moisture. And since the S5 Max has precision laser navigation, you can set no-mop zones such as carpets and other rugs, ensuring that only your hard floors get mopped and everything else is perfectly vacuumed. It’s really the ultimate in cleaning control!

Get the Roborock S5 Max on Amazon [Sale Dates 12/16-12/20]

Check out all of the Roborock deals at on the Roborock Amazon Hub page, or check out Roborock’s website.

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