Who’s buying the Lumia 1020?

Without a doubt, the Nokia Lumia 1020 was one of the most highly-anticipated smartphones in recent memory. It was rumored – as the EOS – since before December, and we had at least a dozen looks at the device and its innards before Nokia ever made it truly official.

Now that it’s here, the mood is different. The anticipation is dwindling, and the reality of getting our hands on the first, true PureView Windows Phone is just two days away. (Unless, of course, your name is Michael Fisher and you’ve been running around with one for a few days. In that case, I will probably hate you until Friday morning.)

Friday morning, the Lumia 1020 will go on sale at AT&T stores across the U.S., followed by other international markets later this quarter. So which Pocketnow editors will be getting the Lumia 1020? And why aren’t some of us getting one? Read our thoughts below!



Adam Doud

Contributing Editor

The Lumia 1020 brings everything I want in a camera on a phone. A couple of choices made by the upper brass do bug me a bit though. I personally don’t like the design of the phone – the giant black crop circle in the field of yellow corn makes the phone look too much like a camera for my taste, but on the other hand, I do see the marketing genius behind it. The stupid, ugly jacket which is necessary for wireless charging is also a major letdown. It seems with Nokia, there’s always a “but”.

Neither of these issues detract enough from the phone to make me not want it, however. Having just upgraded to the Lumia 920 and having no major events coming up requiring a camera of the 1020’s caliber, I will not be standing in line on Friday. It doesn’t mean I will never own one, but I have other goodies that have to come first. So, not never, but not now either.


Adam Lein

Senior Editor

While I did get to use the new Lumia 1020 for a while on July 11th and it’s an absolutely incredible device with an extremely impressive ground-breaking camera, I will not be buying one on launch day for a couple reasons.  The first reason is that it is currently exclusive to AT&T Wireless and I’m not interested in paying AT&T rates for my personal phone account.  Getting unlimited voice calls, unlimited messaging, and 3 Gb of data on AT&T would cost over $120 USD per month.  On the other hand, I get unlimited voice, messaging, and 2.5Gb of high-speed data with unlimited throttled data after that for only $60 per month on T-Mobile. That includes LTE in certain sparse areas as well as WiFi calling on my Lumia 925 in areas of no coverage at all.  The second reason I won’t be buying a Lumia 1020 right away is because it’s not available in red (yet?)  I may have to reconsider when unlocked versions become available though.


Anton D. Nagy

Anton D. Nagy

Managing Editor

I’ve been waiting, hoping, asking, begging, for a “real” PureView camera on Windows Phone from Nokia since I first laid my hands on the 808 PureView. Those who follow me know that it was love at first sight, and I’ve stayed faithful to its camera. No, I don’t consider the Lumia 920, 925, and 928, to have a “real” PureView camera. Hard as it tried, Nokia didn’t manage to convince me with PureView stage two. I’ve always though of it as half-baked, PureView “lite”, a marketing catch.

But, with the Lumia 1020, Nokia not only brought the stage-one PureView from the 808 to Windows Phone, but it also combined it with the features found on PureView stage-two. Why I want the Lumia 1020? Because I’m really curious of what Nokia managed to achieve (hardware, and software), with a smaller sensor like on the 808; because I love my pictures! For everything else, check out my thoughts on why I’ve been waiting for the Lumia 1020.


Brandon Miniman


I just had a baby daughter and I take pictures of her constantly. I’m using the iPhone 5 to capture these moments, and while it does a nice job, the iPhone is sub-par in low light and 8MP doesn’t allow for much cropping. The Lumia 1020 might be the ultimate daddy-phone.


Jaime Rivera

Multimedia Manager

There’s a big reason why the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be the first Windows Phone I’ll buy. I’ve ran out of excuses to love the platform now. The device is gorgeous in my eyes, it runs Windows Phone like a champ, Spotify and Instagram (an alternative) are now fully working, and there is just no way this camera can be beaten. I’ve always been the guy that carries two phones because either only one had a good camera, or only the other could provide me with the services and user interface that I wanted. The Nokia Lumia 1020 nails every single one of my needs on one product, and in a very elegant way. I know some of you don’t want that camera hump, but for me, the hump is what’ll differentiate me from everyone else. Yes, I’m buying one, and I’m still on the ropes between yellow or white. Suggestions are welcome in the comments as to which color you’d recommend I pick.


Joe Levi

Senior Editor

The Lumia 1020 is a great looking phone. It’s got a wonderful camera and sleek lines. However, since I am “Joe the Android Guy” and given that the Lumia will be running Windows Phone, the probability of me buying one is low. However, I’ll still be drooling over the package and the great design that’s encompassed in this very slick looking device.


Michael Fisher

Editorial Director

I’m buying the Lumia 1020 because, as I laid out in my editorial from last week (and as Anton D. Nagy mirrored in his own piece posted the same day), it’s the Windows Phone I’ve been waiting for ever since I first laid hands on an 808 PureView. Now, I’m not an expert photographer by any means; it’s going to take me quite a while to learn how to use the 1020’s shooter to its full potential. But just knowing the capability is there to take the best possible smartphone photos imaginable is reason enough for me to be excited – excited enough to pay full-retail price for this early upgrade to my Lumia 920. Sure, for the same amount I could probably get a dedicated point-and-shoot that would perform even better in some respects – but cameras don’t get me excited. Smartphones do. And the Lumia 1020 is the most exciting smartphone I’ve seen in quite some time.

I just wish it came in cyan.


Stephen Schenck

Chief News Editor

I won’t be buying the 1020. Smartphone camera quality is a more important selling point now than ever before, but even for as often as I use my phone to take pictures, that spec is just never going to carry as much weight as others.

For instance – I never saw any objection to the basic idea of the HTC UltraPixel sensor – 4MP is more than enough for my uses. Even a regular-old 5MP camera wouldn’t necessarily deter me from a phone, if all the other specs were more attractive. On the other hand, I’m not going to be looking twice at an Android with only 1GB of RAM; I can live with a sub-par camera, but it’s more difficult to compromise in other areas.

With the 1020, the platform is the hurdle, and for me, even a jaw-dropping camera probably won’t cut it. Hopefully, I’m not the kind of customer Nokia is targeting, because I still really want to see this phone be a hit – even if it’s not for me.



Taylor Martin

Senior Editor

I, admittedly, have not given Windows Phone a lot of love lately. And, naturally, that has forced many of you to think I’m a hater of all things Windows Phone. This, however, is not true. I used the first three or four Windows Phone devices, and I’ve used a handful since. I’ve always liked the platform, save for a few quirks. The hardware (before Nokia came along, at least), was not compelling, the software gets rather boring quickly, and I’m deeply invested in the Google ecosystem.

That said, I’ve almost always carried a secondary smartphone in an addition to varying Android phones – the iPhone. My use for the iPhone has practically been limited to the camera. And, lately, I’ve wanted to get away from iOS and try something new. The one requirement was a fantastic camera.

Enter Lumia 1020. It has the gorgeous, matte-finished body of the Lumia 900 and the camera (sort of) from the 808 PureView. The hardware is certainly compelling. The next major Windows Phone update is around the corner. And, of course, it has an innovative image sensor on it.

I will be picking one up on Friday morning and snapping pictures all weekend like a mad man. Windows Phone, here I come!


The Pocketnow Reader

Now it’s your turn. Are you getting a Lumia 1020 once it’s available in your region and/or on your carrier? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below, and keep the discussion going!

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