Burgundy Red Samsung Galaxy S8 is the stuff dreams are made of

Samsung is no stranger to unconventional, eye-catching and even exotic smartphone color options, generally releasing its flagships in just a handful of “standard” hues first, then slowly expanding the palette in limited numbers across select global markets.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get the Galaxy S8 and S8+ coated in “Maple Gold”, “Coral Blue” and “Rose Pink” in addition to “Midnight Black”, “Orchid Gray”  and “Arctic Silver” flavors.

A very small group of new GS8 adopters can feel truly special and posh now by purchasing a presumably limited “Burgundy Red” edition… in South Korea only. This is the star of a local TV commercial that makes its inspiration pretty clear – the changing color of falling leaves.

Poetic symbolism aside, we’re sure many of the chaebol’s devoted fans in the Western Hemisphere wouldn’t mind getting their own chance to buy this total beaut ahead of the holiday season.

Anything’s possible, of course, but at the very least, you have to figure US mobile consumers will need to play the waiting game for a little while longer after seeing the snazzy Deepsea Blue Galaxy Note 8 launched in the region on November 16.

With the Galaxy S9 not too far down the line, it seems likely that a Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 expansion will remain a pipe dream. Oh, well, at least the razor-thin screen bezels don’t match the stylish and radiant back of this latest version of the spring 2017 Infinity Display hero.

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