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HTC hooking saved-by-an-EVO-3D guy up with new HTC One

By Stephen Schenck October 30, 2013, 1:20 pm

Remember yesterday morning, when we told you about that wild story of the gas station robbery where the HTC EVO 3D one employee was carrying in his pocket ended up catching the robber’s bullet? Call it a testament to HTC’s build quality, or just dumb luck, but we’re sure that guy was very happy he had his phone on him that day. Problem is, it’s totally busted now; luckily, HTC is to the rescue.

After hearing about the incident, HTC decided to put together a little care package, including not just a brand new HTC One, but a bunch of accessories, and an assortment of HTC swag (how many of you totally want a Hipster Troll Carwash mug now?) to boot. The One may not have the 3D display our friend was used to, but hopefully its metal construction will help defend him against any future assaults.


This is just the latest example we’ve seen of smartphone companies reaching out to people in the news and hooking them up with their products; just last week we told you about Nokia getting involved with a filmmaker who had been wronged by Apple, scoring itself a nice slice of public goodwill in the process.

Source: HTC (Twitter)
Via: Phandroid


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