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Bug in iOS 15 prevents iPhone 13 owners from using in-call noise cancelation

By Sanuj Bhatia December 29, 2021, 8:00 am
ios 15 iphone 13 call bug noise cancellation

The noise cancellation feature on iPhone removes the ambient noise from the background when an iPhone user holds the receiver to the ear. The feature was made available on all the iPhones, all the way from iPhone 5 to iPhone 12, with iOS 15. But, it was only when a Reddit user pointed out that the feature is not available on the iPhone 13 series.

The user pointed out that the Phone Noise Cancellation toggle has been missing in the iPhone's Settings app on the iPhone 13 series. Another user on Apple Forums wrote that the "toggle to switch off the [noise] cancelation feature on the iPhone 13 Pro Max" is not available on his iPhone. An Apple Specialist suggested that the user can find the setting in the Accessibility → Audio/Visual settings. However, the toggle isn't visible on the iPhone 13 series. It was only when another user on the forum said:


The iPhone 13 has “never” had this option with iOS 15 because it’s a glitch. I’ve been speaking with apple support regarding this. It’s a known issue they are working on with no resolution timeline at the moment. This issue also creates problems with echos on CarPlay when talking between iPhone 13’s. It is a major flaw that needs to be resolved asap.

Some of the users are comparing iPhone 13's call quality to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's call quality. The user even goes on to say that "iPhone 13 Pro Max hisses and crackles, reminding me of the old Alcatel days". The issue has been reported ever since the iPhone 13 series came out, but even though iOS 15.3 beta has been released, the bug hasn't been fixed.

I have a rotting Galaxy S6 Edge here, and the call quality isn't comparable. The S6 is crispy clear, perfect voice, zero backgroud noise, both on the sending and receiving end. The iPhone 13 Pro Max: hissing sounds, crackling, feels like the old Alcatel days.

The noise cancellation feature is available on iPhone 13 series when using FaceTime calls, but the feature isn't available during normal voice calls. If you happen to own an iPhone 13 series smartphone, there's nothing much you can do except wait for Apple to release a bug fix. Apple has addressed the issue. Moreover, since the issue has now been highlighted by many publications (and by users on support forums and Reddit), a fix will imminently be issued.

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