We’ve heard any number of rumors concerning Apple’s next iPhone, a larger-screened iPhone, and a plastic budget-priced iPhone, and while they generally have elements in common, they’ve been all over the place in regards to specifics. As a result, it’s been difficult to outright reject even some of the more unlikely-sounding claims. Wearing that hat of due consideration, we take a look at the latest rumor to arrive, suggesting that the budget iPhone and the large-screened iPhone could be one and the same.

According to Macotakara, this new budget iPhone may feature a polycarbonate construction – that’s no given, but it’s supposedly a strong possibility, and would be similar to the materials used in older MacBooks. The phone’s display may grow to 4.5 inches, thought there’s been no word of a corresponding increase in resolution. The handset would grow in thickness to accommodate its new size, feeling more like a current-gen iPhone adorned by a polycarbonate shell.

Instead of a 2013 release, as some earlier sources suggested, this rumor is placing the phone’s arrival squarely in 2014. If any of this is to be believed, pricing could be extremely competitive, with an eye on releasing the budget iPhone for $330.

Now, the translation from this rumor’s original Japanese is extremely spotty, and there’s no mention of where this news supposedly comes from, so we wouldn’t go placing too much faith in these new rumors, but let’s add them to the pot with the rest of them; sooner or later, someone might just hit the nail right on the head.

Source: Macotakara (Google Translate)
Via: BGR

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