Huawei is facing more and more setbacks when it comes to its network infrastructure hardware. Australia earlier this year, and New Zealand more recently, have rejected Huawei’s bid to suply 5G network infrastructure hardware, stating national security as the main reason. A November Wall Street Journal report claimed that the US called upon its close allies to avoid purchasing and using network equipment from the Chinese manufacturer.

The latest hurdle Huawei is facing is in the UK, where BT Group Plc decided to remove all Huawei 4G network equipment within two years. The information was cited by Reuters after initially being published by the Financial Times.

Apparently there’s an “internal policy to keep the Chinese company’s equipment at the edge of telecoms infrastructure”, claims the report, and BT’s move is now in alignment with said policy. Additionally, Huawei was excluded by BT from bidding on future contracts regarding 5G network infrastructure, hardware, and equipment.

Neither BT nor Huawei have commented on the matter so far, but we expect the Chinese company to react, as it usually does before appealing or trying to revert such decisions.