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Six-year-old had Galaxy Core Prime explode in his hand, not Note 7

By Jules Wang September 13, 2016, 1:01 pm

The Brooklyn, New York, boy that had one of his hands burned by an exploding battery within a Samsung smartphone is still shook up, but is doing okay overall this week.

But the Samsung smartphone that was reported to be a recalled Galaxy Note 7 by the New York Post — a rag with a very spotty record — was not as such. WNBC-TV reported yesterday that the phone was actually a Galaxy Core phone, specifically the Galaxy Core Prime, a phone not under recall by Samsung.

The explosion, which happened as six-year-old Kadim Lewis was playing games on the phone, is currently considered an isolated case as opposed to the Note 7’s more endemic battery issue. Samsung is looking into the issue.


It is not known if the battery in this situation was made by the company, but given New York’s abundance of small techie storefronts with third-party equipment, we wouldn’t be surprised to see such a battery in this case.

Source: NBC New York
Via: Android Central


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