The latest in the Huawei vs The Rest of the World continues with Britain’s board responsible for vetting Huawei gear publicly chastising the company. On Thursday, a public report published by the board said Huawei represents a “significantly increased risk to UK operators” as the Chinese company didn’t fix “significant technical issues” in its mobile network equipment.

The report also claims that Huawei made “no material progress” in addressing the security flaws, which were not named, and is doubting Huawei’s capability to deliver on proposed measures to address “underlying defects”, Reuters reports.

Huawei pledged last year to spend more than $2 billion as part of efforts to address problems previously identified by Britain, but has also warned it could take up to five years to see results.

“These findings are about basic engineering competence and cyber security hygiene that give rise to vulnerabilities that are capable of being exploited by a range of actors”, the report says.

Huawei is reportedly planning on building a chip factory in the U.K., while the EU Commission’s latest report is concerned about 5G security, but doesn’t ban Huawei at the EU-level.

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