The battle for a night viewing mode on the Nexus phones has been a hard fought one and Google’s actions in introducing it, then removing it, then pulling an obstruction act on its availability has only frustrated many developers who have wanted a first-party solution to the saving their eyes from straining blue light.

We heard a while back that the Android Engineering Team were pin-focused on getting a usable, efficient solution for making it work between the right hardware and tricks in software. It makes sense to have the right hardware parts produce visible results as software keeps working within its color gamut to product right-looking screenshots.

The kerfuffle has ended up at a point where the Pixel and the Pixel XL now have a Night Light mode while the 2015 Nexus devices are left without driver support for the proper hardware composition. And it has been this way even with the Android 7.1 Developer Preview.

As developers have taken to the AOSP Issue Tracker forums to complain to Google to extend some sort of night reading mode for the Nexus 5X and 6P, one project member has marked the feature down for a future release.

We’re not sure how far down the future we’re talking about, but the hope is back and so might be the feature. Whether it will be a permanent player is also yet to be seen.

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