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How Brave Browser lets you support your favorite sites with Brave Rewards

By Anton D. Nagy May 31, 2019, 10:00 am
Brave Rewards

Because here at Pocketnow we value your privacy, we have recommended the Brave browser several times recently. Yes, one of Pocketnow’s revenue sources are ads, and we still recommend a browser that is blocking ads. You can read all the reasons why we recommend Brave by reading this article, in case you missed it.

What we also like about Brave is that is serves up ads with privacy in mind, and you can read more about that here. But what’s really cool about the Brave browser is the fact that if offers rewards, through their new Brave Rewards.

The way this works is simple, intuitive, and benefits sites like Pocketnow. With Brave Rewards, you can choose to support your favorite published anonymously. The system will automatically learn the sites you visit frequently, and, without anyone knowing which they are, will divide up a monthly BAT (a cryptocurrency, short for Basic Attention Token) contribution among sites based on your attention.

BATs are taken out of your Brave Wallet. For the time being, money you put inside your Brave Wallet can’t be recovered, it being a unidirectional wallet. However, it will go to publishers of websites of your choosing.

The Brave Rewards program is currently available on Desktop and Android, an update is being planned which will make it available on iOS as well later this year.

You can turn the Brave Rewards system on and off at any time, and you can also fully control the sites you want to contribute to, filtering out those you don’t want in your donation list.

This should briefly sum it up, and reiterate that Pocketnow still recommends Brave, with your privacy in mind. You can check out more about the Brave Rewards program here, and watch the video below for an even simpler explanation of the system at work.

We thank Brave for sponsoring this article!

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