The president of mobile communications at Samsung Electronics is not currently interested in coming up with a new name for the company’s fall flagship device.

“I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8, Koh said to CNET.

Koh addressed the press on Monday to lay out what investigators have found to have caused scores of Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions. The Thursday before, he jumped past the Galaxy S8 to think about what to call the summer phablet.

For the past few months, the “Note” brand has received the most marketing it has ever received: through media coverage of explosion events that stopped airplanes, exposed a lapse in customer service attitude and other traumatic events. The FAA has required US airliners to warn its passengers to turn away Galaxy Note 7 owners from its planes. And late night comedians have made punchlines of the burst phone.

To say that the word “Note” carries a negative connotation in this industry is understating it.

But brand loyalty surveys indicate that Samsung comes away from the ordeal with high regard and internal surveys continue to indicate that there is still strength to the “Note.” Its most loyal customers are the ones that Verizon is targeting when it comes to crippling service to those still holding their Note 7.

Should it matter what you call a six-inch phone with a digital pen?

“They made it clear, they want a Note,” said Tim Baxter, president of Samsung US.

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