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Bought the Moto Razr? You won’t like the results of this durability test

By Samuel Martinez February 7, 2020, 11:12 pm
Motorola RAZR

The biggest concern when planning on getting a new foldable smartphone is whether or not it will stand up to everyday use. More importantly, how long will it take before it breaks or stops working. Last year, we saw a video of the Samsung Galaxy Fold being folded 120 thousand times before breaking. But today, we saw the latest Moto Razr under a similar test, and its results aren’t promising.

The guys over at CNET have performed some sort of durability test on the latest Moto Razr, and it wasn’t so pretty. The device was placed on a robot that opened and closed the device during a live stream. Their goal was to reach 100 thousand repetitions, but the device only lasted 27 thousand folds. After this “durability test,” the phone’s hinge started to give issues. The hinge became hard to close, and it started making noises that weren’t there before. Yes, the display was still working, but what’s more concerning is the fact that most people check their phones around 52 times per day. If you do the math, that means that your new Moto Razr would start having hinge issues a year and a half after you get it.


Source GSM Arena


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