Boost and Virgin Mobile join iPhone X US availability party sans pricing details

If you’re having trouble getting a half-decent iPhone X delivery estimate from the official US online Apple Store, as well as major carriers and authorized retailers like Best Buy, maybe you can try an alternative avenue.

No, not eBay, where scalpers are already trying to rip you off, asking as much as ten times what the “all screen” device is worth long before actually receiving the thing in the mail.

We’re talking instead about “minor”, prepaid operators Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, the former of which will begin accepting iPhone X pre-orders next Friday, on November 3. Meanwhile, Boost customers should save the November 10 date, when they’ll be able to “order” the “revolutionary” handset.

That’s also when Virgin plans to start shipping the Face ID-enabled device, and although it’s technically one week after the physical launch, let’s be serious for a moment. Unless you camp out in front of your local Apple Store today, the odds of scoring a “walk-in” iPhone X unit on November 3 are pretty slim.

Unfortunately, Boost and Virgin Mobile are bizarrely tight-lipped about their iPhone X pricing arrangements, promising complete details on the two’s respective websites soon enough. We bet you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg upfront though, with taxes and fees also included on all Boost Mobile plans, and members of Virgin’s Inner Circle eligible for $50 unlimited everything monthly service.

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