Sprint’s Boost Mobile is turning up its loudspeaker with a new brand campaign called “Project Switch” and is offering customers promotional rates and goodies for porting over.

The prepaid brand has been busy renovating stores and opening new ones with a “Next Generation” motif and plan to have 1,000 such experiences active by the end of the year. One such store was used for a commercial shoot.

The ad above tells would-be Boosters that they can sign up for three or four lines on an account, each with unlimited talk, text and data service for a flat $100 monthly. Video streams average at 480p resolution. Music is limited to 500kbps while gaming connections come up to 2Mbps. Your traffic can be slowed down if Sprint needs to manage traffic at a tower and you’ve used more than 23GB on your line in a billing cycle.

As a note, the regular “Unlimited Gigs” plan is marked at $50 a month, so there’s no real savings at the two-line level. If you do opt for a fifth line, it’s $30 more. Boost Mobile is also giving away a Samsung phone for each line signed up for up to four lines (while supplies last).

Apples to apples, MetroPCS offers a comparable unlimited data plan at $50 for a single line, $80 for two lines, $120 for three lines, $160 for four lines and $200 for five. Cricket Wireless‘s offer, when counting in a $5 per month Auto Pay discount, starts at $55, jumps to $100 for two lines, $135 for three, $160 for four and $175 for five. Obviously with Boost Mobile, the more you can tide in, the more you save.

Boost’s current campaign wraps up on June 1.

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