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Boost Mobile kicks up an iPhone 6s deal (with strings attached)

By Jules Wang September 30, 2015, 7:08 pm

When it comes to selling the iPhone 6s, it seems like we’ve entered into the Old McDonald’s farm: here a deal, there a deal, everywhere a deal-deal. In the US, it’s not just first-tier carriers in the action — prepaid carriers are now beginning to stock the iPhone 6s, too. Virgin Mobile USA, a Sprint subsidiary, is listing only the gold-colored 16GB model at $549.99. It hasn’t opened up orders yet, though.

Meantime, sister subsidiary Boost Mobile is letting you buy the gray 16GB model at the same price right now. In addition to the $100 chop from Apple’s suggested retail price, you can also snag another $100 off by entering in the following promo code


Boost’s site also has listings for other iPhone 6s storage and color options, but they aren’t available — at least for the promo period.

Keep in mind that each Sprint, Sprint Prepaid, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile phone, while theoretically compatible across the company’s portfolio, is locked specifically to each carrier. Good luck if you’re bringing the phone to any other service provider.

But CDMA may be the hidden price you pay to keep a couple of bills in your wallet for an iPhone 6s.

Source: Boost Mobile
Via: BGR

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