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BOGO deal on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders with Verizon

By Samuel Martinez August 7, 2018, 11:40 am

New flagships usually come with interesting deals to make more people want to get one. Verizon is also planning on using this to sell Samsung Galaxy Note 9 devices, but the good news is that they will come in pairs.

Verizon is applying a BOGO deal for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but only for customers who get their phone through pre-order. This has been revealed through the My Verizon app. This deal will be available from the moment the device’s pre-orders go live, but there are no more details. We will most likely see that you will have to get a new line, and maybe have to pay the device in monthly installments that will probably last for two years. Either way, you still get one free Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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