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BlueTake BT510 Bluetooth Mini Mouse

By Russ Smith June 24, 2005, 12:00 am

The little stick or track-pad on your laptop is fine for a few quick operations, but using them for very long tends to wear out your finger. To avoid repetitive stress injuries, it is a good idea to use a mouse instead. However, wired mice have cords that need to be connected and disconnected which get in the way when you are using them. Wireless mice usually have a separate driver that needs to be installed. If your laptop supports Bluetooth, the simplest, quickest solution is to use a Bluetooth mouse, such as the BT510.

BlueTake's BT510 Bluetooth Mini Mouse is designed for no-fuss installation and use. It has a built-in Human Interface Device profile which allows it to work, without the need of any extra drivers, with any Bluetooth device that supports the HID profile. It is also an "optical" mouse, meaning there is no rubberized ball to pick up dust and lint and eventually degrade the performance of the mouse until you clean it out. The optical sensor works on virtually any surface and even works upside-down if the need arises.


The BT510 comes in an easy-to-open plastic carrier.

Inside the box you will find (clockwise from top-left) the Quick Setup Guide, the mouse, a carrying case, a USB external power cord, and a disk which contains the user manual. The USB cord does not allow you to connect the mouse through the USB port. It simply uses the USB power instead of draining the batteries in the mouse.

The BT510 is on the small side (3.7 x 2.25 x 1.31 inches) but it fits comfortably, even in my rather large hands.

The bottom of the mouse contains a power switch to keep the batteries from running down when you are not using the mouse, a connect switch which initiates a Bluetooth connection, and a lock tab for the battery compartment. When the mouse is turned on, it immediately goes into "discoverable" mode, where Bluetooth devices will be able to find it. The connect button also initiates"discoverable" mode when the device is already on.

The lock tab opens the top of the mouse to replace the batteries. The batteries are standard AAA batteries and are included in the package.

Since the mouse using the standard Bluetooth HID profile, no drivers are included. They are not needed if your device supports the Bluetooth HID profile.

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth HID profile is not supported on any Pocket PC devices. It would have been nice to have included the Bluetooth Serial Port profile and drivers for PPCs. As it is, we will have to wait for Windows Mobile 2005 which includes HID support.

On system that do have the HID profile (Windows and Macintosh desktops and laptops), the mouse is discovered very quickly.

Once discovered, the mouse can be paired with your system. The mouse has no Passkey, so just leave it blank. Once paired, the mouse and system will automatically connect when the mouse is powered on or the connect button is pressed.

You can also connect to the mouse manually each time you wish to use it.


Once the Bluetooth connection is made, the BT510 behaves exactly like any other pointing device attached to your system. You can access the mouse settings through the control panel. The BT510 is designed to support either right- or left-handed use. The center scroll-wheel supports scrolling and center-button action.

The mouse hardware has a special feature built in: The button functions can be reversed with a simple two button press. You can do the same thing using the control panel on your desktop/laptop, but it will take longer than the two-finger operations shown above.

The BT510 is discovered quickly by Bluetooth devices and also connects quite quickly when paired. In use, I found it quite responsive.


The BT510 comes with a printed Quick Start guide which should be sufficient for most situations. In addition, a compete user manual is included on the CD-ROM. In addition, BlueTake has on-line support documentation for using the mouse with Mac OS 10, Windows XP, and specific instructions for Blue Soleil and Widcomm Bluetooth software available on the BlueTake web site. You can also contact BlueTake directly via e-mail for support.

The BT510 will work with any system that support the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) profile. For the moment, that includes Macintosh OS X v10.2.6 or later or Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP with the appropriate Bluetooth support hardware and software. Windows XP SP2's built-in Bluetooth support will also work with the BT510.

The BT510 functioned flawlessly in my tests so I have no bugs to report. The only wish I have is that I wish there were some secondary support, along with drivers, to use the device through the Bluetooth Serial Port profile. This is only because neither the current versions of Pocket PC OS nor the support software included with add-on Bluetooth hardware for Pocket PCs support the HID profile. Until Windows Mobile 2005 becomes available, you will not be able to use the BT510 with a Pocket PC. I took some a "feature" point away for this.

You can buy the BlueTake BT510 Bluetooth Mini-Mouse from


  • Bluetooth wireless connection allows flexible positioning and use
  • Optical sensor does not require cleaning like ball mice
  • HID profile support requires no additional drivers
  • Mouse connects automatically when paired
  • Battery life is quite good
  • Device construction is solid
  • Battery life can be extended with USB power and use of power switch
  • Mouse can be switched to right- or left-handed use


  • No support for non-HID Bluetooth devices (Pocket PCs)


The BlueTake BT510 Bluetooth Mini-Mouse is well-constructed. I found it easy to set up and use. I also appreciated that it connected very quickly (and automatically when pair with the other device). Add that the device is battery-friendly and supports right- and left-handed use through the hardware and the result is one of the best Bluetooth pointing devices of which I am aware. The only drawback I could find is the lack of drivers for Pocket PC use. If you are looking for a Bluetooth mouse to use with your Pocket PC, you will have to look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a Bluetooth mouse for use with your Macintosh or Windows desktop/laptop, the BlueTake BT510 has all the features you will need. I whole-heartedly recommend it for laptop/desktop use.


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