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BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth Headset

By JennaGonzalez August 15, 2008, 1:31 am


I get this interesting-looking headset from BlueAnt. I could’ve sworn
I’ve seen it before. That was until I opened it up. Having used the 1st
generation Z9 quite a bit, I thought: Hmmm…how does this work better
if it looks almost exactly the same? And why didn’t they change the
look? And why am I laying in bed with my face in the pillow? Well, I
thought I’d find out for myself. What I got was a long phone interview
with BlueAnt’s VP, Peter George about the Z9i. A wonderfully
entertaining man, if I may say so, with that dashing Aussie accent to
add. What is it with these men anyway? Um hello! Mel Gibson (when
he was younger). Need I say more? So I’m sitting there, playing with my
headset and listening to this buttery intoxication from down under
school me on the new Z9i as I try to put a Russell Crow-ish face on
this man’s voice. "Have you toyed around with the Z9i yet" he says.
"Yes, I have played with it a bit, but not a lot" I muse as I roll over
onto my back. "Well, what would you like to know Jenna?" he
asks…..I’m thinking more. I want more…And if you want to know more,
Read on!


    Besides some suave Australian guy with
a killer accent? Well, the BlueAnt Z9i of course. The 1st generation Z9
was awarded the 2007 International CES Award for design and
engineering. With its sleek, glossy, simple design and revolutionary
Voice Isolation Technology, it’s a no brainer as to why it was so
successful. The Z9i, in my opinion, is just as worthy of an award. It’s
still the same small size (1.5" in length and 0.35 oz.) with the same
good ol’ reliability. But don’t call this a mere upgrade just yet.
Sure, you got the supermodel Aliphs, the professor Nextlinks, and the
executive Jabras. We’ve all heard about the quiet bespectacled
secretary who turns out to be a sexy badass chick at night. Well, the
Z9i may look simple on the outside, but this baby’s got a kinky little
secret. Inside this simple design is a sexy little tiger waiting to be
unleashed. Let me show you how. But first, let’s look at what it comes

Bluetooth Headset
Our Rating
Talk Time | Standby (hours)
Street Price
Bluetrek Metal
5 | 180
Jabra BT8010
10 | 300
BlueAnt Z9i
5.5 | 200
Aliph Jawbone 2
4 | 192
iqua BHS-303
6 | 150
Gennum nx6000
6 | 75
Jabra BT5010
10 | 300
Qstik EVOQ
5 | 150
BlueAnt Z9
5.5 | 200
FoneGEAR Mini Blu
4 | 75
Aliph Jawbone
6 | 120
BlueAnt T8 Micro
9 | 250
BlueAnt V12 LCD
12 | 360
Argard M10
3 | 100
Bluetake BT400GX
6 | 300
Plantronics Discovery 655
3.5-10 | 80
BluAnt X3 Micro
7 | 180
Logitech Mobile Express
4 | 250
5 | 120
6 | 300
6 | 300
Motorola H300
30 | 700
Plantronics Discovery 640
15 | 300
Logitech Mobile Traveller
7 | 300
Southwing SH305
6 | 300
Gennum nXZEN Plus
7 | 100
5 | 250
2 | 100
Nextlink Bluespoon AX2
8 | 1000
Nextlink Bluespoon AX
4 | 200

BlueAnt Z9i comes housed much like the original Z9 was. Except for a
few modifications to the advertising on the packaging itself. Sure, I
appreciate lavish, luxurious presentations. That being said, it’s no museum display but the Z9i
comes packaged very nicely and securely.

the cylindrical box are: The user manual, the quick start guide (which
is all you really need), AC power adaptor, the original discreet clear
earhook, a smaller earbud (I really appreciated that). And of course,
the usb charger which also works if and when you need to upgrade
firmware to the Z9i via PC.

Not much difference except for the new ear hook on the Z9i, although
the new Z9i does come in a soft touch red (for the ladies, or gents who
want a different look).


I never had an easier time setting up the Z9i right out of the
box. Pairing is very simple indeed. Designwise, the Z9i looks
exactly like its predecessor. The only obvious difference between both
headsets is the earhook that comes standard. The new earhook is a
mouldable rubber and chrome beauty that is both comfortable and very
secure to wear. If you do happen to have both headsets, it’s easy to
tell which one is which by simply looking at the decals on the back of
each headset. The multifunction button still has the trademark
ant, and it glows blue and red, depending on what you’re doing. The
light can be turned off easily for nighttime driving, simply by holding
down both volume buttons for 3 seconds. I really appreciated that
because I hate having a lighthouse beacon on the side of my face, any
time of the day. The multifunction button is very solid, and it does an
array of things: Power, Pairing, Answer/End/Reject calls, Voice Dial
(yes!) and switching between Voice Isolation modes (more on this later)

earpiece comes in two sizes for a better fit. Aside from having the
original clear ear hook included. The new ear hook is also quite

When you’re not using the Z9i, you can simply clip it onto your shirt or cuff. Nifty idea!

backbone of the BlueAnt technology is its award-winning Voice
Isolation Technology which provides great noise suppression, echo
cancellation and wind noise reduction without any voice distortion.
This is also accomplished in part to the two microphones on the
headset. The result is a clear pick up of your voice via the two
microphones, and the separation of your voice from the noisiest
environments. Pretty simple right? I thought so.

    When you go into a
call, Voice Isolation Standard is on. Standard provides enough noise
suppression so that people on the other end can still hear what’s going
on around you, without having to strain to hear your voice. Voice
Isolation Max provides even more agressive noise suppresion, so that
you can actually talk to someone clearly even in the middle of a dance
club. All you have to do is press the multi function button to switch
between modes and a voice will alert you.

    In addition, BlueAnt has
really amped up the software on the new Z9i. You can now pair this with
up to 5 different devices, including your PC’s Bluetooth connection. You
can also have 2 phone simultaneously connected to the Z9i all at once.
With the Z9i, you never have to learn the series of clicks and beeps
some headsets require you to know. Every little change comes with a
friendly notification. Lastly, this baby’s got voice dial. With one
click on the multi function button on standby, you can make a call
simply by saying someone’s name. This works pretty well although I’m
still trying to figure out how to call God on this. So if anyone’s got
his number, feel free to send it to me.

The volume buttons are clearly defined but they are just a tad bit stiff.

The Z9i fits comfortably and performs very well in the noisiest environments

Here’s you see the Z9i compared to the
Original Z9, the Aliph Jawbone 2 and the Plantronics Discovery 655

pairing, I tested the BlueAnt Z9i with my trusty HTC Mogul and my
Motorola Krzr (fabulous picture of that below). I
tested the Z9i while walking in Central Park, perusing the goods at
downtown SOHO, and of course, driving past the Tappan Zee Bridge with
the windows down and the music playing.

When using Voice Isolation
Standard, most people could hear me clearly enough. But in noisier
environments with the Voice Isolation Max activated, most people
thought I was just sitting at the office. For the most part, calls
came through clear on both ends, with the exception of
some people who reported isolated clicking noises at times, which is
expected in certain high static areas. The Z9i also does a pretty good
job at filtering out wind noise so that you can drive with the top down
all you like with little to no wind interference.

I do have to mention
that if you are going to use this with a Windows Mobile phone, I
recommend that your phone have all the latest updates possible in order
to get the best seamless connection you can get with the Z9i. I also
like the fact that I had the headset paired with both phones, and that
I was able to pick up whenever each one rang. I
spend a lot of my time on my laptop so I liked the convenience of the
USB charger. A typical
charge for me takes around 45 mins, depending on how low the battery
is. Talk time is reported at up to 5.5 hrs with 200 hrs standy. In my
tests, I’ve been able to squeeze out about 6 hrs with the LED off.

Although the high gloss black is very masculine, the BlueAnt Z9i matches perfectly with my crystallized Krzr!

says gadgets are just for men? Ladies need not fear the bluetooth
headset any longer! In fact, here is a perfect example of some new
accessories I put together to go with my lovely Z9i. For us ladies, now
all you need are a pair of fabulous jeans and a cute blouse to pull the
look together!


The BlueAnt Z9i carries a very solid 2-year replacement warranty. Support info such as an
FAQ, warranty, user guide, software upgrades and contact info can be found on their support page.


I really found no qualms about the BlueAnt Z9i, I do have to write
everything down fair and square. So that being said, imagining an
invisible gun to one side of my head (and VP Peter’s sexy Aussie
accent on another)…I will have to say that the volume buttons are a
bit stiff and a bit difficult to press. So controlling special
functions involving the volume buttons, like turning the light off
requires a tad bit of pressure. Also, I love the fact that it also
comes in soft-touch red now, which should please the ladies. Although
the black is sleek and workeable into any outfit, it’s still very
masculine to me. But if I had to gripe about something else, I’ve
always wanted a satin champagne finish headset. In fact, a lot of women
have expressed a desire for the satin champagne finish. There, I said


    The BlueAnt Z9i can be bought from Amazon.com for $68-75, depending on color.


  • Tested, proven, reliable Voice Isolation Technology

  • Connects to five Bluetooth devices (even your computer for skype, etc.)

  • Multipoint allows it to be connected to two phones simultaneously

  • Now comes with interchangeable accessories for the ultimate comfort

  • Great battery life and portability, thanks to the innovative tie clip

  • If you really want a change, it comes in soft touch red. Yummy


  • The volume controls are a bit hard to press

  • A tad pricey 

  • For such a great headset, it could come in more than just 2 colors (cough cough…champagne..cough cough) 

of Use


do these ratings mean?


    I know I’m gonna like an upgrade when I enjoyed the
previous version thoroughly. But as previously stated, this is no mere
upgrade. We look too much into the outer shell of a product without
caring about what’s inside. That goes for people as well. You think we
would learn by now.

    The 1st generation Z9 was a very good product with
solid performance. So instead of changing up everything for the sake of
aesthetics, the folks at BlueAnt decided to take what was already good,
and make it better by increasing its capabilities. Makes sense. Not a
lot of people have heard about BlueAnt, but the company truly is at the
forefront of Bluetooth wireless innovation. I loved their T8 and Z9
headsets. The Z9i just gave me more reason to love BlueAnt. So what do
I think besides Australian men having sexy accents? Well, I think the
Z9i is an overall solid product that performs very well, looks very
good, and priced very nicely. So, after a great talk with my suave
Aussie VP, I am left laying on my bed, pondering the complexity that
goes into making such a great little headset. But more importantly, as
I twirl my hair between my fingers, I wonder…Does he look more like
Russell or Mel. Ah…the mysteries of life. This
is Jenna reporting for pocketnow.com. Until next time. Adios!

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