Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is here… if here means Singapore

We can’t stress this enough: the untimely death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 shouldn’t be regarded as such a tragic occurrence when the extremely similar GS7 Edge is still around and safe to use. Unfortunate, sure, darkly entertaining, even, but by no means tragic.

Unless you really, really, absolutely needed that extra S Pen and iris scanner. On the outside, the Note 7 also stood out with its very own special “Blue Coral” paint job, though it appears you’ll soon be able to purchase the Galaxy S7 Edge in that snazzy color too, in addition to black, white, gold, silver, and pink gold.

A release date has just been made official in Singapore, so Verizon isn’t looking at any sort of global exclusivity. Hopefully, the “cool blue hue”-encased phablet will see daylight in other markets on, around or perhaps before November 5 as well, with no under-the-hood revisions in store.

Singaporeans should be prepared to spend 1,098 of their local currency on the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 4G+ in Blue Coral, which converts to a reasonable $790 or so. Now if only we could check out some official, Verizon logo-excluding images of the no doubt provocative device.

Source: Samsung Singapore
Via: SamMobile

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