Your consolation prize for the Note 7 fiasco is a blue coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Feeling blue after Samsung failed to keep the Galaxy Note 7 alive and its buyers safe, ultimately pulling the plug on both sales and further production, as well as once again recalling every unit in circulation around the world?

If it’s any consolation, it seems the Galaxy S7 Edge will try to fight inherent aging with a new splash of color. Enough to bring the non-S Pen-capable, non-iris-recognizing, seven month-old phablet back to the limelight, as it needs to fend off fresh iPhone 7/7 Plus and Google Pixel (XL) threats?

Probably not, but it’s better than nothing. Unfortunately, we have reason to believe the “blue coral” S7 Edge is headed exclusively to Verizon stateside, at least for starters. This would be the 5.5-incher’s sixth chromatic option, following black, white, gold, silver, and pink gold.

Blue coral was of course introduced with the Note 7 a couple of months ago, and there’s no way to know if Samsung intended to expand the snazzy coat of paint before the avalanche of fire hazard complaints.

As for leaked pics of Galaxy S7 Edge rear covers in the new hue, they look pretty much as expected. Eye-catching, that is, but not quite as striking as “really blue” Pixels. We could call this the Not That Blue GS7 Edge.

Source: SamsungVN

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