Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge looks dazzling in official promo pics, but you still can’t have it

The last time a color made as many headlines as Samsung’s newest Galaxy S7 Edge shade was probably back when you couldn’t decide whether you were looking at a black and blue or white and gold dress.

Well, this seductive dual-curved 5.5-inch phone, aggressively advertised once again, though as a safe-to-use Note 7 surrogate for a change, is definitely coated in blue. A snazzy, shiny, sea-inspired “Blue Coral”, which we first caught a glimpse of in a leaked rear cover image a few weeks ago.

Technically, the flashy paint job debuted with the explosive Galaxy Note 7 a couple of months back, thankfully not kicking the bucket alongside the ill-fated S Pen powerhouse. Unfortunately, it’s still not confirmed as headed for Verizon or any other US or Western direct sales channel, getting its formal introduction in Singapore last week and Taiwan earlier today.


The latter market will actually have first dibs on the coral blue Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge come Tuesday, November 1, and the OEM’s Taiwanese branch is kind enough to finally give us a detailed look at the device.

Identical to black, white, gold, silver and pink gold variants under the hood and in terms of general specifications, this is arguably prettier on the outside, from every angle and corner. Or perhaps it’s the Asian mermaid model that makes it seem so physical attractive. In any case, this writer wants one. A phone, not a model.

Source: SamMobile

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