In the past 24 hours, smartwatch maker Martian packed up its bags while Mobvoi put out another Ticwatch. We’ll add one more debut to the pile with the BLU X Link, a $99.99 smartwatch.

The last time we really went in-depth with a $100 smartwatch was when the Alcatel Onetouch Watch in 2015 and it was a pretty okay experience for the price and the cross-platforming that cold be done.

Well, the X Link takes the standards up by three years with a zinc alloy case — with IP54 rating —featuring a full 1.1-inch circular touch display. It has a heart rate monitor among sleep- and step-tracking abilities, a 320mAh battery, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and SIM slot for GSM service — that means messaging and calls. Keep in mind that AT&T has shut off 2G service and T-Mobile isn’t far behind it with plans to do so in 2019 or 2020. The device connects to the BLU Health app for Android and iOS.

The device will debut at $49.99 with pre-orders going through June 6, so if you really feel like you’d want to have decent wrist hardware with what sounds like a lightweight software experience, you might just be able to get away with the BLU X Link. The Amazon link’s below this story.

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