$50 and up BLU R1 HD is back in stock on Amazon, spyware no longer included

Miami-based smartphone manufacturer/Chinese hardware repackager BLU is looking to bounce back from damning data-mining scandals as soon as possible, avoiding any further association with Google-unrelated software companies and quickly convincing Amazon to take the R1 HD back.

That’s no wonder, given the early rampant success of the ultra-low-cost 5-incher through America’s most popular e-commerce platform. Believe it or not, the BLU R1 HD has already returned to first place in Amazon.com’s ranking of best-selling unlocked cell phones, after several weeks of absence caused by excessive demand and OS tweaking.

Sheltered from prying eyes and hopefully cleared of all dubious third-party apps and services, the BLU R1 HD is best served with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage space, either at $60 as a Prime exclusive with offers and ads, or $110 in a Standard configuration, no restrictions, strings attached or subscriptions needed.

But if you want to spend even less, a humbler-than-humble 1/8GB edition goes for $50 and $100 respectively for Prime members and everyone else. Unavailable throughout the extended Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping season, the four BLU R1 HD models can now ship before Christmas, Android Marshmallow, quad-core processing power, 720p screen resolution, 4G LTE connectivity, GSM support, 8 and 5MP cameras included.

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