Bloomberg adds to the growing pile of iPhone 8 with ‘3-D’ face scanner rumors

There are a lot of Apple-focused or general mobile tech-covering analysts, tipsters, leakers and rumormongers we tend to partially trust these days when it comes to relaying inside information about unreleased iPhones or iPads. But only a couple of people are almost always right on the money with their predictions and educated guesses.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has pretty great sources, so if he says Apple’s “intent” is for facial recognition to “replace” the traditional Touch ID fingerprint scanner on “the next” iPhone, it’s probably time to get ready for a biometric shake-up.

Then again, nothing seems settled yet, and the brand new OLED screen on the iPhone 8 (or X) could still contain a hidden fingerprint sensor. But “challenges” faced implementing a technology Samsung likely put on hold itself for the second time this year may mean there will be no backup for the innovative “3-D” face scanner in Cupertino development.

If that’s the case, speed and accuracy need to be out of this world, and indeed, “people familiar with the product” speak of iPhone user authentication “within a few hundred milliseconds”, even if the device is “laying flat on a table.”

Security shouldn’t be an issue either, thanks to “3-D depth perception”, which guarantees printed photos, no matter how convincing, won’t be able to unlock the iPhone 8 without the owner’s consent.

The “improved security system” that Apple is still testing before making a final commercial decision might also include eye scanning “augmentation” and naturally, be able to authorize payments, as well as “launch secure apps” in addition to simply logging in. Exciting stuff, though the question remains – are you willing to give up universally accepted fingerprint technology?

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