Bloomberg report lends further credence to Samsung Galaxy S9 February announcement

Although release plans are “still fluid and could change” several times over the next couple of months, we can probably lay the Galaxy S9 announcement debate to rest. A series of recent reports based on inside information have disputed earlier speculation of a CES 2018 appearance in Las Vegas in January by Samsung’s next big thing (s).

Just in case you held out hope for a Galaxy S9 cameo at the fast-approaching Consumer Electronics Show, one of the most reputable media outlets around verified the latest rumors with its own well-connected sources.

At least for the time being, it looks like the intention is to unveil the S9 and S9 Plus “as early as late February” and commercially roll the two out “as early as March.” That timeline fits perfectly with the one relayed by Korean press after confidential informant discussions, and still technically qualifies as an early launch.

While the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were presented to the world on February 21, 2016, then put up for sale starting March 12, the radically redesigned GS8 and S8+ saw daylight on March 29 this year ahead of a release in global stores on April 21.

Since a major upgrade to a newly introduced design language is clearly out of the question, Samsung can quickly ramp up Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus mass production. But not that quickly. Unfortunately, Bloomberg is not in a position to corroborate many other pieces of gossip just yet, merely hinting at “upgraded camera systems” for the chaebol’s next flagship duo.

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