Bloomberg: iOS and macOS app experiences to merge soon

Apple is reportedly working on a developmental bridge that will allow an application to be used on macOS through a mouse and keyboard or through iOS with a touchscreen, Bloomberg reports.

This bridge, codenamed “Marzipan,” could be worked in pieces to the next major updates for both iOS and macOS in the coming years with first bits coming next year. Apple isn’t commenting on the rumor, sourced from anonymous people familiar with the matter.

Mac Apps have not had as much user success as iOS apps have and, as such, have seen less maintenance from publishers. Combining the experiences may give more incentive for developers to make an all-screens experience — though we aren’t sure if developing an app for macOS would specifically be required — and a good macOS experience would encourage more integration into end users’ routines.

One ancillary benefit is that welterweight Macs can benefit from being able to use more applications — a result the new initiative on Windows apps hopes to achieve for Windows 10 S.

It should be noted that this initiative could fail, too, and none of this effort may bear fruit.

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