BLOCKS modular smartwatch to launch on Kickstarter October 13

To mod or not to mod? If you prefer the former, you’d have probably known about what are Puzzlephone, Project Ara and Fairphone by now. Indeed, the slab smartphone form factor does make switching pieces in and out for a do-it-yourself device much easier. Now, imagine what the heck you’d have to do to make a smartwatch happen on your own terms?

We’re about to find out as the BLOCKS team, the London-originated project that wants to put a Swiss army knife on your wrist, is about to kick-off its Kickstarter crowdfunding program on October 13 at 12pm Eastern. You’ll be able to pre-order the first open source OS smartwatches that uses modules to former your band and extend your wearable’s usability — from haptic feedback to a fingerprint sensor to an extra battery. One of the other principles of modular devices is that you don’t have toss whole devices into the bin, just the modules you can’t use.

The BLOCKS team have put out a teaser video to promote the launch and you can support the effort by heading down to the source and sharing it via Thunderclap.

Source: BLOCKS (Thunderclap)

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