You will soon be able to block unwanted artists on Spotify

We usually get music suggestions from Spotify according to the music we listen to. Unfortunately, you’re not always the only one playing music. Maybe you went on a road trip with some friends, and one of them took control of what was playing. The big problem with that is that the next time you want to listen to your favorite jams, you’re in your rock zone and then, a track by Britney Spears pops up.

Spotify could stop you from hearing music from the artists you don’t necessarily love with a future update, or at least that’s what rumors say. New options could come to the Spotify, these include a Don’t play this, or Don’t Play this artist. This new feature could be getting tested on Android and iOS platforms. This feature blocks and stops the selected music from being saved or used in dynamically generated playlists. There are even some images provided by Thurott that help us see what could come in a future update of this popular streaming service that could get better soon.


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