Blass: T-Mobile will carry Moto Z2 Force

From that time it made wireless telephony a reality, it was the name to go to for a cellphone, only to be eclipsed by BlackBerry, Apple and Samsung relatively recently. It seemed as though the only way you could practically get a Motorola phone these days was through Verizon.

Verizon, Verizon, Verizon. Home to exclusives such as the Google Pixel and the Moto-made DROID line.

DROID, DROID, DROID. Everything has to be a DROID. And if it isn’t, good luck of having heard of the damn phone.

There is hope for the Lenovo-owned entity, though, for breaking past the one-carrier barrier in the US again.

Leaks reporter Evan Blass claims that T-Mobile will also carry what is expected to be called the Moto Z2 Force. It’s a flare for the Un-carrier’s willingness to bring in a modular smartphone and a beefy one at that. Motorola has not had a widely carried device since 2014, when the Moto X 2nd Generation came about.

By no means are we guaranteed that the regular Moto Z2 will be carried — though we would want to presume so, given how last year’s releases were structured — or if Blass’s reporting will pan out at this stage. Carrier availability seems like such a fringe detail at this point to worry about.

We have no firm timetable for when to expect the Moto Z2.

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