Blass: Moto X becoming Moto Z

When a company’s brand, based on a alphanumeric character, becomes too old, it can replace it with another one. After all, there are 35 other options to choose from.

So, as the Moto X moniker comes out of its third product cycle, we’re learning from VentureBeat’s Evan Blass that this year’s flagship smartphones from Lenovo subsidiary Motorola may primarily be branded as the “Moto Z”.

In relation to an earlier Evan Blass leak detailing the models we’re looking forward to, the mid-range “Vertex” will be called the Moto Z Play while the high-end “Vector Thin” will be dubbed the Moto Z Style — no Play Edition sub-branding for the US market has been noted. Motorola will also rebadge its future DROID phones made for Verizon as Moto Z also, but add a “Droid Edition” suffix to the end. Blass suggests we may see something like a “Moto Z Play Droid Edition,” though the possibility remains that the “Turbo” and “Maxx” catchwords may be retained.

The irony isn’t lost on us that Sony decided to head in the opposite direction, transitioning its Xperia Z flagship line into a broader Xperia X brand for mobile, IoT and cloud devices.

Finally, we’re also hearing that the modular backplate accessories meant for these Moto Z phones will come to market under a different name. Initially leaked as “Amps,” Blass sees them now as the catchier “MotoMods”.

We’ll be looking out for all of this hardware at Lenovo’s Tech World conference come June 9.

Source: VentureBeat

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