Blass leaks out a media-grade render of the Galaxy S8

About time we talked about the Galaxy S8 again.

What is believed to be a media-grade render of either the namesake device or its larger model, the Galaxy S8+, has been leaked out onto Evan Blass through Twitter.

Previous photos and illustrations have centered around the device’s front frame with a thin rim of obstructing lacquer and a wide expanse of clear glass, curled at its wide sides.

The display itself has wide-radius corners cutting into the rectangular shape we typically see utilized in mass media. If Samsung has played its aspect ratios smartly, then 16:9 content should not be obstructed by those tucked in corners, — creating big pillarboxes to the left and right of vision — though the case may be harder to make for anamorphic cinema at 2.39:1 (21.5-ish:9, for those most comfortable with a “9” denominator).

At top are ports for an earpiece, a proximity sensor and an iris scanner among other electrical tidbits. There is no Samsung branding on either the hardware nor software of the Galaxy S8 apparent.

Had enough of this yet or are you ready for more through the month of March? Samsung is launching the Galaxy S8 at an “Unpacking” event in New York on March 29.

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