The smoke is still settling on the Galaxy Note 7’s short lifespan on Samsung’s product roster. Metaphorically, of course — if someone has a fire-prone phablet in their hands, they shouldn’t. Anyways, the chaebol financially can’t afford to extend its failure streak any further.

And if there are any East Asian numerical omens that hold as much power as a lucky 7 or an unfortunate 13 in the West, it’s the deadly number 4. Linguistically, the words for “four” and “death” in many regions dialects are homophones. So, the word has been that Samsung will skip out on dishing its expected model moniker for various models of the Galaxy S8 — SM-G94x — and instead skip ahead to SM-G95x.

Well, leaker-in-Chief Evan Blass has reaffirmed the veracity of the rumor while chipping in an extra coin for a successor to the Note 7.

The SM-N9xx naming format has been used for Galaxy Note phones from the series’ fourth iteration on. It would have also been at risk of being named the SM-N94x for internal purposes in 2017, so the change here was expected.

Note (ha) that we’re not debating the likelihood that Samsung will release a fall flagship smartphone next year, given how badly Samsung relies on both the Note and the Galaxy S launches to bring in money that keeps the mobile unit of the chaebol profitable. We’re just left thinking about what brand name the thing will come to market with. Stay tuned.

If you’re going to point out the obvious Korean branding sins of the Galaxy S4 and Note 4 and the coincidence of Samsung maybe giving sequential model numbering the boot for a second year in a row… well, that’s your Illuminati to grope at.

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