Since we’re talking about leak manager Evan Blass and the HTC 10, we should probably just get down to it. He posted another render of this speculative and divisive device onto Twitter this morning along with a couple of specs. Also, take a look at the date on the screen …

So, no AMOLED as seen on the One A9, but then again, we didn’t see the use of Super LCD 4 on any HTC device. The 3Ah battery looks to be in-line with comparable Android flagships this year.

But look at the date on the screen: April 12. In a previous leak, Blass pointed out the April 19 date on the screen of an HTC 10 render to be a strong likelihood. The seven days’ fast-forward didn’t get much notice from him and we’re certainly still short of any media invitation to an event.

You may continue your nail biting.

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