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BlackPhone BP2 hands-on: The next step in mobile security, sort of (Video)

By Jaime Rivera March 20, 2015, 10:37 pm

BlackPhone has a ton of good ideas up its sleeve. At a time when security has become important, it does make sense for an expert in the market to figure out a way to sell you a phone that can do it right. Sadly, even though our review of the first-generation BlackPhone showed us that you’re getting a ton of added features for what you pay for, that’s not necessarily the case once you have to actively use it.

We’ve set a ton of expectations for the second-generation BlackPhone, which is now dubbed the BlackPhone BP2, and even the company’s new tablet, the BlackPhone+. To our disappointment though, just as we couldn’t even turn on the original BlackPhone during our hands-on, we had a far more limited experience with the BlackPhone BP2 when it comes to software. The good news is that we did get a good chance to see the hardware, and that’s what this video is about. Make sure you watch our hands-on video of the BlackPhone BP2 as part of our MWC 2015 coverage.

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