BlackBerry’s Vision of the Future (Videos)

Research in Motion seems to have commissioned a pair of videos envisioning portable technology in the not-so-distant future: specifically, they focus on interactions among employees, or between employees and customers, and how portable devices play a role in their day-to-day lives. While these films may or may not have been intended for public consumption, they were briefly posted to an online portfolio site before being marked as private; we were able to dig them out of our cache.

The one thing both videos have in common is a full-screen smartphone with edge-to-edge display which interacts seamlessly with other pieces of technology like touchscreen PCs and Surface-like smart tables. This obviously-rendered handset is clearly not a planned device, but its capabilites are interesting, even if they do mainly extrapolate upon technologies just finding a foothold today. Also somewhat interesting is the UI that was chosen here: it’s not at all clear whether its design language came directly from the BlackBerry team — perhaps fortelling future consumer trends — or if the production house was given free reign for its own vision.

Video and image removed at the request of Research in Motion

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