Back in early June, we heard rumors about a new BlackBerry 10 model that would be the first to arrive from the manufacturer’s so-called A-series, possibly launching as the A10. What was so interesting about this theory was that the A10 wouldn’t be a new budget device, but a flagship to take the place of the Z10. We’ve seen a few leaks since then of hardware that could be this A10, but could we be getting this news all wrong? What if this device is really going to arrive as something else entirely? That’s what a new rumor suggests, offering that what we’ve been calling the A10 could instead launch as another BlackBerry Z-model.

The guys at CrackBerry were speculating about just this problem a few days back, not buying this A10 name and wondering how the phone might really arrive. Sure enough, a recently leaked firmware appears to contain software assets for a BlackBerry Z30.
That actually makes a good deal of sense – well, maybe not that this skips Z20 right up to Z30, but the idea that it would be another ZXX model. After all, if this is replacing the Z10 as BlackBerry’s premium full-touch handset, the Z30 name will confuse shoppers a whole lot less than A10.

This is still a combination of guesswork and leaks, and while it may not hold up as newer info surface, it’s a pretty interesting theory.

Update: Some demo videos have been pulled that add further credence to this idea.

Source: CrackBerry (forums)

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