BlackBerry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 920 (Video)

It’s not often we get to film a comparison involving a brand-spanking-new OS, so when we do, we get pretty hot and bothered. We’ll be working on our official BlackBerry Z10 review for a while yet, but in the interim we thought it’d be nice to throw Waterloo’s finest into the fight cage with some of its competitors from other manufacturers.

Last week, after a software tour, an unboxing, and some initial impressions, we put the Z10 up against the ATIV Odyssey and then against the Galaxy Note II for some quick-and-dirty comparisons. Because of the time crunch -and because we were shooting those videos in a Marriott- we didn’t get to do as thorough a job as we would have liked, so consider the below installment the first of the “real” BlackBerry-vs-everyone-else comparison videos.

In today’s video, we put the Z10 up against the biggest, hairiest Windows Phone that Microsoft’s platform has to offer: the Nokia Lumia 920. Watch as we compare build, specs, displays, user interface, and camera performance across devices and across operating systems, and listen up for some advice on which of these smartphones will suit you best, assuming you’re in the market for an out-of-the-ordinary mobile OS. Finally, point your listening holes at last week’s episode of the Pocketnow Weekly, where we talk for over an hour about BlackBerry’s new platform, devices, and place in the world. Even after all that, you’ll still want to stay tuned, because there’s much more BlackBerry-flavored wisdom coming down the Pocketnow tubes in the days ahead. Enjoy!

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