BlackBerry World app store offers big holiday discounts for BB 10 users

Who said non-Android BlackBerries lack access to popular, fun, useful or affordable apps? Now, granted, the BlackBerry World library pales in comparison to Google Play or the iOS App Store. But if you’re one of the (very) few holding on to a Passport, Classic, Leap, Z30, Z10, Q5 or Q10, you can still crank up the out-the-box security, productivity and entertainment.

At pretty great prices too, as part of a “Happy Holidays Sale” featuring close to 40 titles stateside. Unfortunately, none of those are available for free, instead requiring between $0.99 and $6.99 payments apiece.

The costliest is a “powerful task management” service called SlickTasks, while some of your top one-buck choices include Pocket Lock, Photo Studio Pro, Jigsaw Plus, Bubble Shooter, and Dream Remote. For $2, you can get the ultimate App Locker privacy protection tool, a “fully featured browser” with built-in ad block, “high-definition” Google maps and GPS, Ultimate Backup, or a special Christmas edition of Reminder Now.

Ober for Uber, File Locker, Call Recorder, and Six Pack Training sell at $3 each, and finally, Penzus MMT, Power Tools, and XBac cost $4 a pop after discounts. Way to usher in the Christmas joy… for a few hundred people, maybe, but a separate few thousand are likely still expecting Priv savings. Oh, well, you can always enter our giveaway if the $700 tag won’t budge.

Source: BlackBerry World

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