As we start closing on the rumored November release of the BlackBerry Venice, the Android-running slider has been turning up in some impressive new leaks. Yesterday we got to take a look at some of the best pictures to emerge yet of the smartphone, and today we’re able to do those one better with some high quality video footage, courtesy of a Canadian mobile retailer.

This isn’t just some quick spy-cam action, and for nearly four minutes we get a detailed hands-on look at a fully functional Venice handset. Our narrator shows off features like tap-to-wake, as well as the ability for the phone’s keyboard to act as a touchpad for scrolling.

Phone software reveals many of the same flourishes as we saw from yesterday’s pics. Beyond software, we also get some commentary about the build quality of the phone’s hardware, and while we’re sure the portrait-mode slider design might not be everyone’s favorite, the handset is reportedly quite well balanced – both with the keyboard stowed away and fully deployed. Unfortunately, we don’t get to check out everything Venice has to offer, and while we’re teased with a big speaker grille, we don’t actually get to hear the phone in action.

Take a look below for what may be the best preview we get prior to the Venice actually launching.

Source: Baka Mobile (YouTube)
Via: CrackBerry

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