Last time we checked in on the BlackBerry Android-phone rumors, CEO John Chen wasn’t making it sound like we had a great shot at seeing such a device hit the market anytime soon. At least, while he didn’t dismiss the idea, he also suggested that it would be a significant undertaking that would involve taking a serious look at how Android functions and manages device security. But even in light of those comments, these rumors live on, and today we get to build off some previous intel about a device codenamed Venice with a new leak concerning carrier involvement.

To refresh your memory, Venice is supposed to be the hardware we saw BlackBerry tease back at MWC – the portrait-mode slider with a hardware keyboard. We heard it could boast top-tier specs like a 5.4-inch quad HD screen and Snapdragon 808, but subsequent rumors that BlackBerry’s Android ambitions would instead focus on lower-end devices had us rethinking things.

But now @evleaks is getting involved in the Venice story, asserting that the Android-running BlackBerry handset is gearing up for a launch on AT&T. We don’t know if that means carrier exclusivity or not, only that AT&T will supposedly be placing this guy on its shelves. We’re also no closer to a release date, but previous rumors had mentioned November as a possibility.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

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