One of the big unanswered questions regarding BlackBerry 10 and the direction the company’s heading has been what role tablets will play. We’ve heard conflicting comments from various company execs that have made it hard to get a solid read on what might some day arrive as the follow-up to the PlayBook. Today we get a little insight into why this might be such a contentious issue, after hearing some very anti-tablet comments from CEO Thorsten Heins.

In a recent interview, Heins declared, “in five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,” going on to call them “not a good business model.”

In his mind, smaller screens are apparently better suited for mobile devices, and larger displays will always be available at home or in the workplace, for when we need them.

That’s a pretty controversial stance to take, as it seems to dismiss the millions of users who have already bought tablets, many primarily for use as mobile devices. We’re also not clear just what Heins expects to be different in five years, or if he similarly believes that tablets are just as useless today.

Source: Bloomberg

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