BlackBerry Storm 3 to Be Powered by New OS, LTE 4G, Synaptics Touchscreen

There hasn’t been a lot of news on what Verizon Wireless wants to do with its BlackBerry Storm franchise, which uses a SurePress touchscreen technology, requiring users to actually press in on the screen, like they would on a touchpad of a laptop. The devices in the Storm series have so far been met with mixed reviews, but it looks like RIM is planning on a storm revival with the Storm 3, a device that is said to be powered by a new OS that’s not quite the current BlackBerry OS nor is it the next-generation BlackBerry 6 OS. Additionally, the Storm 3 will be powered by Verizon Wireless’ next-generation 4G LTE networks.

According to the rumors, there will be a 1 GHz processor onboard, which will make it competitive with modern smartphones on the market, like the Google Nexus One. The device is said to be testing in a secret beta right now and is “disguised as a Storm2 in case an engineer gets drunk and leaves it at a bar”–if that scenario sounds familiar. It’s also said to have 8 GB of internal memory and powered by Synaptics touchscreen technology, but there’s no telling if that’s in combination to SurePress or if RIM will abandon it’s click screen tech from yore.

(via: BlackBerry Cool)

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