BlackBerry Storm 3, Torch 2 Resurface (Videos)

Both the BlackBerry Storm 3 and BlackBerry Torch 2 9860 have popped up again today, this time in a pair of well-focused videos that really show off all the angles and some of the capabilities of OS 6.1. What’s more, the uploader from seems to have access to a BlackBerry Bold Touch as well, completing the trimuverate of RIM‘s most anticipated upcoming devices. We’ve seen a veritable flood of leaks when it comes to the upcoming BlackBerry lineup, with BGR posting spec sheets that showed gigahertz-class processors, WVGA resolution, and five-megapixel cameras finally hitting the troubled brand.

Both of these videos are likely to get pulled by YouTube, so watch them while you still have a chance.

Source: Youtube

Thanks: sergesc

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